7 Journal Prompts for the 7 Chakras

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Root Chakra

1. When in my life did I feel the most secure? What people was I surrounded with during this time and what role did they play into my security?

2. When did things feel the most unstable in my life? What people was I surrounded with during this time and what role did they play into my instability?

3. What do others do that can make me feel left out or unsupported? Did I face similar patterns in my family growing up?

4. What is the biggest thing that could help me feel more secure at this exact moment?

5. What does my perfect “soul tribe” look like?

6. Have I turned to food for comfort? What was happening in my physical world during this time? What was it that I really needed?

7. What is my relationship with money? Do I hoard or overspend money?

8. Has sex ever given me a false sense of security? Do I use sex to as a way to feel close to someone else?

9. What support can I give myself right now? How does it feel when I support myself? Do I typically support myself or tear myself down?

10. Think of a time in my life that I have felt incapable. What tools do I wish I had so that I didn’t have to feel that way. Can I give myself those tools now?

Sacral Chakra

1. At what time(s) in my life did I feel the most joy? What does joy feel like to me? How do I express it? How do I treat myself when I am joyful? How do I treat others?

2. How do I treat people that I am in a relationship (significant other, friends, family) with? Do I give them the space to be themselves? How do I bond to others?

3. What is my relationship with myself? How do I treat myself in front of others? How do I treat myself when I’m alone? How do I practice self-care? If I don’t practice self-care, what is one thing I do can do for myself daily? If I already have a routine, what is my favorite part and why?

4. What makes me feel worthy, loved, and accepted in this world?

5. When I become emotional, how do I self-regulate? If I don’t at all, how do I typically handle my emotions?

6. Do I dwell on my emotions and blame myself? Do I allow others to put their emotional baggage onto me?

7. When in my life have I felt resentment? How did this affect my relationship? Are there any old grudges I am holding onto?

8. What is my relationship with my inner child? Do I let my inner child be heard? Do I let my inner child know that I am here now to handle whatever life throws at us? Does my inner child feel abounded or secure?

9. What is my passion? When do I feel the most creative? How do I express my creativity? Does my creatively freely flow or do I feel blocked?

10. Do I freely express my sexuality or is it suppressed? Do I have shame around any part of my sexuality?

Solar Plexus Chakra

1. What does confidence mean to me? When in my life have I felt confident? What attributed to me feeling this way? How did I act to myself, others, and my pursuits?

2. Do I face achieving my goals with confidence, fear, or a mix of both? Which one wins?

3. Do I believe in myself? Do I believe I can create my reality, reach my goals, and have my dream life? Why or why not?

4. What are my false beliefs about myself and my ability? Do I define myself by the things that have happened to me in my life? Can I be my authentic self in front of others? Do I know who my authentic self is?

5. When in my life have I felt powerful? What was the outcome of my powerful attitude?

6. When in my life have I felt powerless? What was the situation and the outcome? How did this situation sit with me and affect me emotionally? What was the main reason I felt powerless and unable to act on this?

7. Have I ever been shamed in life? Who shamed me? Describe the situation to the best of your ability. What emotions followed this shame?

8. How do I respond to someone when they are trying to shame me? Do I cower down or stand up for myself? If I do stand up for myself, how does this make me feel? If I don’t, what is the reason I couldn’t speak up?

9. What in my life am I shameful over? Write them out no matter how painful they could be. Identify if this is my shame or someone else’s I am carrying. Was this person projecting their shame onto me? Going through the list, rate from 1–10 how much these shame stories hold any real weight in my life.

10. What does my ideal self look like? What is holding me back from stepping into my power? What steps can I take to step into my power more? (even baby steps everyday help.)

Heart Chakra

1. What is my relationship with myself like? How do I speak to myself? List 5 of your best qualities. How can I get to know myself better?

2. When have I been rejected in life? What emotions came after this rejection? What qualities in others do I reject? What qualities in myself do I reject?

3. How do I define love? Do I have a lot of love in my life? Name times in my life where love was shown in abundance and I felt it all around me. If this is a time of the past, what has changed in my life? If this has never happened to me, how can I give myself the love I’ve been craving?

4. Do I think I have walls around your heart? When did this wall begin to form? (Remember that these walls have formed as a defense mechanism to keep you safe and you need to be easy with yourself.) What would it look like and feel like to let love into my heart?

5. How am I loving to others? When have I experienced unconditional love (whether with another person, an animal, or yourself) and how did this influence my life?

6. How do I define forgiveness? When in my life have I truly forgiven another?

7. What in my life do I need my own forgiveness on? Write a list of what I need to be forgiven for and release it.

8. Who in my life do I have resentment against? Why am I resentful towards them and how did it start? Did these resentments come from my own experience or another person’s? How can I begin to forgive this person?

9. What am I grateful for in this moment? What am I grateful for that I usually take for granted? How can I bring more gratitude in my life?

10. Who is my most meaningful relationship with? What are some characteristics of this relationship? How can I bring these characteristics in other relationships in my life?

Throat Chakra

1. How do I express myself creativity? How do I express myself verbally?

2. Am I able to communicate my thoughts and feelings or do I keep them locked inside?

3. When do I struggle to speak or express myself the most? When can I most easily express myself?

4. Who is my authentic self? Who is my ideal authentic self? Do I let myself be my authentic self? What are some ways I can express my authenticity? How can I step into my ideal authentic self?

5. What does it feel like when I can openly speak my truth? How could I do this more in my life?

6. Was there ever a time in my life I got in trouble for speaking my truth? Did my truth get denied? Did I feel I had to lie about things?

7. Do I stand up for myself? How does it feel when I stand up for myself in the moment? How do I feel afterwards? How does it feel when I don’t stand up for myself in the moment? How does it feel afterwards?

8. Do I have confidence in what I say? Do I speak out in groups? Do I let others drive the conversation? Am I nervous what others will think when I say things? Do I go over the conversations in my head wishing I said other things? If yes, where does this come from? Is there another way I can speak more freely?

9. How do I handle someone who has a different opinion than me? Do I get angry, shut off, or disconnect? Am I able to still speak my truth regardless of their opinion?

10. How can I more openly tell the world about my gifts and creative pursuits?

Third Eye Chakra

1. What does intuition mean to me? When is the first time I felt/heard my intuition?

2. When have I followed/listened my intuition? Where has it led me? How did I feel after doing this regardless of the initial feelings of taking the action?

3. What has happened when I ignored my intuition? Where has it led me? Why did I ignore my intuition?

4. What steps can I take to not only listen but follow my intuition more? How can I quiet the other voices (other people, anxiety) around me and tune into myself?

5. Do I trust myself? Do I value my opinion over others? Who knows best for me: myself or the people in my life?

6. What is my most authentic self? When can I be my most authentic self? Do I love and trust my authentic self, or do I hide these qualities? How can I be the most authentic version of myself in front of others?

7. How do I face my fears? Do I look at my fears with an open or closed mind?

8. How do I observe others and the world? Do I believe I can see through things that others cannot? Do I look at others with judgement? What step can I take to be less judgmental on yourself and others?

9. What are some shadow qualities I have? How did I become aware of these qualities? Do I still see them in others but deny them in myself? What can I do to bring them to the light? Do these shadow qualities create stories that repeatedly show up in my life?

10. When incidents happen in my life, how do I reflect on them? Do I think that I learn the lesson?

Crown Chakra

1. How do I define my highest self? Do I feel in tune with my highest self?

2. When have I felt connected? What does this feel like to me? When have I felt disconnected? What does this feel like to me? How can I deepen my connection by putting my trust and faith in the universe?

3. What does my spirituality mean to me? Do I have daily practices that deepen my spiritual connection?

4. Am I open minded? How can I open my mind more to my spirituality? How would this better serve me in my life?

5. What conversations set me in a rage and make my mind immediately close? What lessons can I learn from this?

6. When in my life have I felt I received support from the universe? How can I surrender to the universe and let these feelings flow?

7. When have I experienced synchronicity before? Have I felt the message was too strong to be a coincidence? How do these messages guide me?

8. Do I receive downloads from the universe? What does a ‘download’ look like to me? How does this impact myself and my life?

9. What do I believe is the reason I am on this Earth? What do I think is my higher purpose? How does this play into my overall satisfaction with my life? How can I find deeper meaning in my life?

10. How do I raise my vibration? When feeling angry or upset, or that I am on the wrong path, how do I find my way back to myself?




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