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Below are seven tarot spreads for you to deepen your understanding of each chakra and the impact it has on your life.

Root Chakra

The Root Chakra energy is what we need to survive, our security, and how we fit into society. To learn more about the Root Chakra click here.

5 Signs Your Sacral Chakra is Blocked

The Sacral Chakra is located below our belly button and deals with our emotions, sexual energy, joy, creativity and how we bond with others. Through the Sacral Chakra we are able to securely attach to others while still valuing ourselves. To learn about the basics of the Sacral Chakra, click here. When our Sacral Chakra is blocked, the energy is not actively flowing through, making it difficult for us to create. Here are five signs that your Sacral Charka is blocked/imbalanced.

1. You have no boundaries with others

If you are constantly trying…

May 2021 Ascendifi Almanac

5/3 — Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

The Last Quarter Moon is asking you to remove the barriers that have held you back during your growth period. Moon in Aquarius squares the Sun in Taurus, both fixed signs who crave different things. Taurus can fear change and favors security, lavishing in everything that meets their senses while Aquarius wants to explore the depths of the mind and is trailblazing the path of change. You will feel a pull in two different directions as you navigate what you need to change to be who you are, without…

It is no secret that the moon creates the rise and fall of the tides. The moons gravity pulls the tides towards it. Since humans are made up of 60% water, we could also feel this pull towards the moon affecting our behavior in different ways. The term “lunatic” originated by believing that the moon caused people to go insane. In Old English, lunatic translates into “moon sick”. In astrology, the moon is known as your emotional side and the way you express yourself. The Moon is ruled by the zodiac sign, Cancer, who is known as the mother and…

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What is a chakra?

Chakras are focal points of our energetic body that vibrate at specific frequencies and are constantly in flux bringing in and putting out energy into our auric field. For this reason, they are referred to as vortexes of energy.

We are familiar with the fact we have a physical body but as energetic beings we go far beyond which can only be experienced with the 5 senses, experiencing emotional range is proof of this. The state of our chakras are a window into the emotional body and the link between emotional and physical wellbeing.

The energy…

The Twelfth House is located just before the beginning of the natal chart, suggesting the symbolism of this being home to aspects below the surface of awareness, like the unconscious mind, collective and our own prenatal conditions. The Twelfth House is ruled by Pisces and planet Neptune. Before Neptune, it was traditionally ruled by Jupiter. It is a cadent house, meaning it is the last of a quadrant. In the first two houses of the fourth quadrant we were show to society, introduced to what we can share with the world, and got an essence of humanity. It only makes…

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The 11th house in Astrology is ruled by Aquarius and the planet Uranus. It is a succedent house which simply means it follows the 10th house. Although many believe this to be the house of friends, I believe it is more how you share your space with the people in your life and how you fit into social/business/family groups and their dynamics. Since the 10th house is all about your purpose in this world, the 11th house is how you share it with others. …

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The tenth house in Astrology is the house of your life calling, reputation and your MidHeaven. Your midheaven is the point where the sun is at its peak, this is the highest point in your chart and needs a lot of support. This house is ruled by Earthy Capricorn and the planet Saturn. This is the final house of the Earth Work Houses (2nd and 6th) and an angular house. Remember that Capricorn is a sign of practical ambition and it wants nothing more than for us to buckle down and achieve our goals.

Any planets you have in this…

In the 9th Astrological House we are able to find purpose and establish beliefs. A generalized title for this house could be that of Love and Light! Houses 7–12 see us as an integrated part of a larger picture and this house is where one can truly understand that. The 9th house is a cadent house which means, in this house, we are wrapping up a Quadrant of the Zodiac Wheel. This third quadrant of the wheel has been one of both immense truth and awareness of the self through the conceptualization of others. Each of the cadent houses is…

Darkness,-avoid at all costs to some and a single place of solace to others. The top half of the zodiac wheel is more complicated than that first, because here we interact and integrate an objective reality grander and outside the self, but just as relevant in our individual process. At this point, the ‘shadow-self’ has been revealed in the Seventh House through partnerships. The Eighth House bridges off-or more appropriately- goes off road, into an equally as eye-opening, just a little darker, place. Known as the most mysterious house in the zodiac, located here are the Dark Depths of the…


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