Ascendifi Almanac: August 2021

12 min readAug 6, 2021


August 1st — Sun conjunct Mercury

The Sun, life-force energy and Mercury, the mind magician meet in the sky forming a conjunction in constellation Leo, governing the heart. Mind-heart coherence is how you create your unique reality. Conjunctions are neutral aspects allowing the merging of celestial energies to play out how they will in resonance with the being that is a conduit of its energy. Now, mental aspirations and purpose-built perspectives take center stage. Communication is more active as expression seeks outlet. You may be articulating ideas more clearly and with more grandeur- easing the body and mind into a state of coherence. Throat chakra clearing. Sometimes we take the depths of our inner-workings and natural talents for granted and do not see their vigor until they get to see expression outside of ourselves. This is a good time for refining your ideologies and maturing your delivery on them. If this energy can be directed with humility and understanding you may gain great recognition for your origination.

*This conjunction will be opposing Saturn. Saturn can bring forth a critic, but it always bares lessons we can benefit from at the time. There may be an opportunity to see what stifles our ideas and their path to seeing light.

August 3rd — Venus trine Uranus

Venus in Virgo makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus in Taurus. An earth trine is a natural progression toward development in earthly matters that will reflect your values and sense of security. There is an emotional excitement with this aspect though that is both progressive and stimulating. Uranus is the higher expression of Mercury (Virgos ruler). Venus in a flowing aspect with such highly charged energies bring a receptive magnetism. Being a magnet for your desires yields enormous power. And through allowing -you awaken to your own power to create and receive. Creative vapors hang in the air waiting to be realized. To seize them-have an idea of the energy you want to experience. What needs to be reinvented and recreated? How can you use your creative potential to draw in what you desire? Find your comfort in the uncomfortable, accept the void as your muse, all while holding the ancient wisdom that it is when you need nothing you receive everything.

*Trines are Venus energy, feminine and flowing. We find our natural calls and hear the quiet voice of our intuition when we enter full blown surrender.

August 5th — Sun square Uranus

This dynamic aspect between two fixed signs, Leo and Taurus create tension, not to ensue chaos but construct or deconstruct stationary patterns in responding, thinking, or behaving. What may appear as sudden shifts has been lying just below the surface and what is being unearthed now is just breaking through the chains of resistance that kept it in its phases of latency. This aspect can set in motion the cutting away of old ways of being and ego ties that no longer hold purpose. It can seem like one is parting from their own conventions but not a single soul has come home by being something they were told to be. If new insights and information can pass through the ego’s defenses a new period awaits where there is space for new experiences of joy and happiness.

*Squares are Mars energy, both energies are at odds until one throws the first punch and action needs to be taken to dispel the tension.

August 8th — New Moon in Leo

As the Sun and the New Moon both fall in fixed fire sign Leo, you can begin to finally see the pure, potent magic that is within you. Regardless of the turmoil you have faced recently, you feel a shift within that you can’t even explain — and you don’t have to. You suddenly see the things in life that allow you to embrace your creativity and joy. Abundance is flowing in the air as you are opening yourself up to the version of you that you have been trying to become. You are actively choosing to push back your own limiting beliefs, inner critic, and perfectionism. You are exactly where you need to be and feel as though you have all the time, energy, and resources to make your vision come to life. Take time to appreciate all your accomplishments, give gratitude for everything that got you to this point. It’s easy to get down on yourself sometimes but remember how you constantly picked yourself back up, dusted yourself off, and moved forward. That is magic. Allow the world to see and feel your magic, let them embrace it, learn from it, and be inspired by it. That magic that has been hidden and repressed within you, terrified to let others see what a force you are inside is emerging. Ready or not, the Lion’s out of the cage. How will you respond to your own roar?

August 10th — Mercury opposite Jupiter

An opposition between Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius creates a pursuit of integration between one’s own logistics and how it can create the most ‘beneficial’ impact. We are magnificent systems as human beings. The way in which we integrate and translate information, also access imagination, and visualize something into form is remarkably exclusive. But we all share the same source, the same universal consciousness and how source moves through you and what you create from creation is of high value. With retrograde Jupiter- an internal spiritual expansion is underway, and this aspect can bring about an understanding of your interpretation of the divine and how it works to reach the world around you.

August 11th — Mercury enters Virgo

Mercury, Virgos ruler corresponds to the Magician in tarot, holder of all the elements; the Magician creates reality with both skill and the power of will. The elements are the magician’s resources, and the mind is the source of power. Mercury’s transit through Virgo is most revelatory when channeling mental focus. What appears as an inability to focus is sometimes masking an inability to commit. When devotion in something is found, a focus is cultivated. You may be feeling the archetype of the analyzer, fixer, and cultivator of physical reality at this time. Archetypes have different expressions, dependent on the focus of the individual. You decide whether to channel this energy into distraction or by deeply focusing on your craft and putting your heart into that you wish to create. Your thoughts will be painting reality quite quickly and pouring any emotionally restless energy into a creative venture would be deeply rewarding now.

*On 8/15 Mercury in Virgo will form a dynamic aspect with the North Node in Gemini. For the few days this is in affect we are given a chance to take a second look at how our perceptions have kept us from seeing our path to likely advancement.

August 15th — First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

The First Quarter Moon enters the sky at 21 degrees Scorpio. Your energy is asking to be shaken up — move your body (dance, stretch, walking) and feel into your feminine. The First Quarter moon asks to find clarity about our individual identity- which Scorpio loves to do. Scorpio is all about releasing blocks that are causing you to stay stagnant. At the New Moon, you were able to emerge as who you always wanted to be, checking things off your list you didn’t believe would ever happen. How can you make sure you can always come back to this place of healing and love? What areas of your life need clarity? Although it is not possible to always feel high vibe and positive, you can create a routine/ritual for yourself as a safe place. When things go sideways or your feelings become overwhelming, you know just how to make yourself feel better. Once you move your body and get the energy flowing, light candles for yourself and go deep. What is important to you in life? What lights your soul on fire? How can you love yourself more? What beautiful words does your heart long to hear in this moment? Let it flow.

August 16th — Venus enters Libra

Venus, the goddess of love rules over Libra honoring relatability and beauty. When Venus comes home to the sign of Libra we all feel our inner goddess air a feeling of peace and wanting more of it. Represented by the scales and neighboring constellation Virgo- together they bring a pursuit for setting the scale, for things to be shared and receptive. A love that is not greedy or unsatisfying. Balance is sought for connections and surroundings that feel equally supportive. The scales of balance bring us into our heart spaces to feel the beauty of interacting with things outside of ourselves.

Venus in an air sign has skillfulness for romanticizing concepts in their higher mind. What may seem to be flights of fantasy are really Venusian visions. And here in this conceptual reality beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. What can be experienced as great love or art is the reflection of the consciousness of the person that projects beauty out into their world. Venus gets to experience heaven because she is love.

August 19th — Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Uranus, the planet of disruptive awakening, will begin Retrograde until January 18th, 2022, in Earth sign Taurus. Since this Retrograde will last for five months you may begin to feel the shift come early on and deal with the aftershocks as they come. Uranus cannot stay in their comfort zone and that is where Taurus thrives. This Retrograde you will begin to be faced with decisions in life that will make you feel uncomfortable. Taurus wants to stay down here on earth, grounded in what is already here. It’s never that you don’t decide because you don’t know the answer, but you don’t want to be honest about that outcome. You may start to realize that if you refuse to decide, the universe will decide for you. You can no longer make excuses for the reason you have not moved from where you are sitting — despite complaining to everyone within earshot. You cannot grow, heal, or change in your comfort zone. Taurus rules our personal value and worth — so if it is a job, relationship, or situation with others that is tearing into you and making your soul hurt, the universe will be removing it immediately. It may not be the way you wanted it removed, or the “right time” but that is because there is never a right time to make a big change. Now this situation could have provided you security on some level for some time, but the time has now passed. This “security” is now just wreaking havoc on your life and your mental state. The immediate destruction of this structure in your life can seem terrifying, as you might wonder how you will fend for yourself. But after you get through the fog, you will be able to see clearly why this has happened and might even end up thanking the universe. The picture is always so much greater than our minds can ever imagine. It might not make senses for months or even years later, but the clarity always comes, and we are able to move forward even better than before.

August 22nd — Full Moon in Aquarius

The beautiful Full Moon illuminates the sky in 29 degrees Aquarius. This is the second Full Moon in Aquarius, an astrological blue moon, as we finish off Leo Season and tie up loose ends that we have been facing since the Full Moon in Aquarius last month.

Lately, you may have been feeling discouraged and worried about the future. You trust that the Universe is always divinely guiding and supporting you. Yet somedays you question if you are doing something wrong or missing the memo. Situations may appear in your world that seem excellent and exactly what you asked. You fantasize at these ideas and plan out a whole story in your head of how life will be amazing, and all your problems will be solved once this situation is finalized or progresses to a certain point. Then suddenly, things don’t work out and your left crashing back down to a hard reality. You may blame yourself, curse the Universe, and wonder when it is your turn to get what you’ve been asking for. Although this is natural, the Full Moon will give you access to realize that you are not able to receive the ‘thing’ you are so desperately chasing. Blaming ourselves means we aren’t playing the victim, taking responsibility and trying to improve, but sometimes it is simply not your fault. You have done everything right, you have done the work, but things just need more time, more space, and more patience. Releasing emotions around your personal value and worth and getting yourself in a mindset of receiving and deserving is all you need to focus on now.

Aquarius is a fixed sign who can sometimes get stuck in their ways and not be able to see the situation from a 360 view. Allow yourself to release these feelings in situations that have made you feel stuck, confused, and inadequate. The situation doesn’t even matter, it’s how it made you feel. It’s the story you made up about yourself based on this event. You can choose to reframe old stories and limiting beliefs at any time. You’ll notice it’s that same feeling that keeps remerging in new situations. Allow new feelings about yourself and your beautiful heart to flow in. You are worthy and deserving of any and all things you want to call in, you just have to believe it.

August 22nd — Sun enters Virgo

Virgo, mutable earth, is the sign of humble service and raw charm; their outward displays of passion often pale in comparison to depths internally felt which can make them mysterious or hard-to-know to others. Ruled by Mercury they are quick, observant, possess great common sense but can become overstimulated easily. Mercury grants skills in analysis and gives Virgo an affinity for finding natural solutions. Their nature however is to be of service and whether this is conscious or not- it functions as a motivator for their devoted work ethic.

As a consequence of Mercury heightening the nervous system and the deep sense of responsibility and compassion of the feminine/earth, Virgo carries a lot of stress and putting anything they see as a drain on someone else brings them shame. For this reason they tend to be very private with their own lives and as a result shoulder unnecessary burden. It is a lesson for Virgo to see receiving community is as essential as giving to it. The Earth is important to Virgo and preserving ancient wisdom that has lived on through the echoes of those inhabiting her home. This Virgo season honor your devoted nature to the things that mean the most to you, use Virgo’s strengths of restoration and purity as your medicine.

August 29th — Sun square North Node

The Sun in Virgo forms a square with the North Node in Gemini. The North Node is a forward orientated pull on the soul to grow and develop. Both Virgo and Gemini are mutable (adaptable energy) and ruled by Mercury however, Virgo is feminine and Gemini is masculine. Tension between the yin and yang reveals a skipped step in evolution. This transiting aspect can bring redemption and second chances but not before requiring a sacrifice. Steps must be taken that lead to evolving our processing of ideas, willingness to digest new information, or see our surroundings in different lights. A chapter will have to be closed before you can see the next page.

* Do have anything squaring the nodes in your natal chart? These are the keys to unlock your destiny.

August 30th — Mercury Enters Libra Mercury gets cozy in air sign Libra, and you will immediately feel the benefit of speaking with love. If you’ve been holding on to resentment for someone in your life, if they are aware of it or not, this is the perfect time to set yourself free. This doesn’t mean making amends with other, (though if you feel ready — go for it) but freeing yourself from the strain that you have been feeling in your head and heart. You may be able to look at the situation from an objective viewpoint, knowing that both parties could have been acting out of emotion or unconsciously. You can begin to have compassion for yourself, how you were treated, how you responded to this treatment and the lingering effects and emotions you were left with. You can also have compassion for the other party and how they were reacting from their own wound. This space you will be opening back up from dropping this hurt, pain, and resentment will allow someone else to come into your life who add value and so much love.

August 30th — Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

Last Quarter Moon is all about releasing the things that haven’t served you during this Moon Cycle, which excites Gemini as they bore easily and like to have new, exciting experiences. Tonight, is a perfect time for manifesting your desires, as you have done the work at the Full Moon to remove stagnant, repeating energy. Gemini loves to be the center of attention and mentally stimulate everyone in the room. You may begin to come out of your shell and embody the true nature of yourself, without your inner critic chiming in. You are opening yourself to new people and new experiences allowing change to come in and be embraced. There is an inner knowing that whatever is coming in is for your highest good and you don’t have to worry about the minor details anymore — they were already worked out.




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