Ascendifi Astrology Almanac: March 2021

March 2021 Ascendifi Almanac

3/4 — Mars Enters Gemini

Mars, the masculine planet of passion, anger, and how you assert yourself, enters mutable, air sign Gemini where he will stay until April 23rd. You will begin to feel a surge of energy and motivation, be sure to use this your advantage to avoid feelings of restlessness. You may start to feel like you can let down your hair, have some fun, and connect to your inner child. Being in this child like flow state will allow you to come up with vivid, new ideas (Gemini) and have the grit to act it out (Mars). You will be able to breeze past self-doubt and limiting beliefs as you know now is the time to act out on what you want. Nothing is off limits or seems unattainable at this point. Your mind is stimulated, you’re ready to execute — let’s get to it.

3/5 — Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

You are at a crossroads in your life. On one side you see the life you’ve been dreaming of for a long time. It fills your heart with joy and peace. You imagine the very best version of yourself who has already achieved your hearts desires. On the other side of the road is just you — who you are — right now — in this moment. The you right now may be perfectly fine, living life, having some fun and some laughs, enjoying what is in front of you. The current you is comfortable and takes the actions that you’ve always taken. The best version of yourself requires a lot of change, hard work, and total uncertainty. You don’t know how you will achieve your goals; you could be risking a lot — financially and mentally. But you know if you stay where you are, you will always wonder, you will always have that dream and vision but stuff it down to your toes. You will get upset and angry when you see others living out their dreams. Use the fire energy of Sagittarius to go where you’ve never gone before, to use your wanderlust to manifest your visions — the sun is in dreamy Pisces after all.

3/11 — Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces

When the Sun passes over Neptune in its sign of rulership, a mystical time beholding the power of belief is upon us. The Sun, holder of consciousness and celebration of life-sustaining light illuminates what we believe to be true. But it is important to recognize our beliefs are powered by our own energetic supply and therefore are changeable and retractable. We are the Sun of our own system. We can reexamine our beliefs at any time, follow them to their origins and see where they can potentially lead us. If we do not want to put our vitality into where they go we can redirect that power to somewhere more nourishing and expansive for our soul.

3/13 — New Moon in Pisces

Both the sun and the Moon are in Pisces, the final sign in the zodiac. While New Moons are all about setting new intentions and goals, you may notice that you are releasing a lot of emotions and feelings that have been buried in your subconscious for a long time. These emotions may have been coming through in dreams, reoccurring situations, or while journaling/meditating. However they’ve come up for you, they are here for you to grow through them and learn. You may have tried to hide and repress parts of yourself — thinking you were less than or not worthy of others attention and respect. You may have built an inner shield and act out a certain way to protect yourself from those feelings or in fear others would see the fake narrative you’ve been telling yourself. Let them come up during this New Moon, Pisces wants to show you what’s been brewing below the surface. It’s ok to have a strong emotional attachment to these feelings that have been floating around in your waters for lifetimes. With this New Moon, you are also new. You are fresh. You are so loved and precious and special. These experiences and others’ projections do not shape who you are in your heart. You are, and always have been, genuine and authentic. Give yourself a hug. Cry for the pain you’ve been harboring. And step into your light — you’re unstoppable now.

3/15 — Mercury Enters Pisces

When the messenger Mercury enters intuitive feminine Pisces, you may feel your mind turning inward to reflect. You may feel that you need to push your logical mind out the door and turn your intuition all the way up. You will want to feel your way through a situation and may find yourself at a loss for words to describe what is happening. Imagine yourself in the water, allowing yourself to become weightless and floating through. This may feel difficult and uncomfortable as Mercury wants to be talk it all out — yet Pisces just want to allow it to unfold naturally.

While this reflection period can bring a lot of healing, if you feel out of touch with yourself it’s important to be able to sort out what’s real and what stories you’ve made up. Your mind will find evidence for anything you tell it, so if you tell yourself you are an unlovable loser, your mind will actively seek scenarios you’ve had that validate this feeling. Your mind can also be distorting the actual event for it to fit in this narrative (taking peoples words and actions out of context, blaming someone for another’s actions if they seem “similar”, etc.)

3/18 — Venus in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn

This is a feminine aspect energetically and sextiles give birth to new ways of being. A sextile with Pluto is always highly transformative because Pluto is unearthing ‘old energy’; whether that is an old Ego, long living belief systems or ways of doing things. Feminine energy comes in to balance and give a sense of grace amongst change. The feminine dances and flows with change for change is a constant ever unfolding nature of life. When we forcefully resist, judge, or indoctrinate we are really fearing not getting our way and see just how subtle the shadow can be. Venus in Pisces allows the sweetness to come forward that the collective heart already knows the way and came here without knowing or needing fear.

3/20 — Sun Enters Aries

Aries (I AM) is the first sign of the zodiac and begins the journey through a new astrological year. Those born with a Sun under the sign of the Ram hold a forward charged, ignitable energy that is also filled with child-like enthusiasm toward life. They are outgoing, spontaneous trailblazers that aren’t afraid to have fun and let their passion be known. With Aries what you see is very often what you get and that transparency can be very alluring to other more elusive signs. This makes them admirable leaders. Aries can teach us the importance of keeping our inner-fire burning and dropping the things that risk putting that fire out.

3/20 — Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox arrives in the Northern Hemisphere bringing us a balance of dark and light. The day is just as long as the night — bringing us back our light as the days will begin to last longer than the nights.

You are now in a space of balance, where the world comes alive again and you can feel the sunlight on our skin. Personally, if you have been going through a rough time now is the time to return to your light.

You may begin to feel creative, more connected to nature, willing to make better decisions for your mind and body. You can open the windows in our home and may be feeling the need to purge and bring bright colors in. You feel abundance all around you as you watch the leaves and flowers return to the plants and trees. What are you ready to birth into the world?

3/21 — First Quarter Moon in Cancer

The sun is Aries is squaring the First Quarter Moon in Cancer. During this moon phase, you can thank the Sun in Aries for giving you the energy and determination to act out your plans. Since the New Moon was a time of emotional healing, you will feel this continue as the moon is in her home sign of Cancer. You want to make sure that your actions are aligned with integrity and you can birth things into this world you feel good about. Since Cancer and Aries are both cardinal signs, you are the leader of your new plans and feel as though you have fully stepped into this role. This is a perfect time to think beyond money and status, and rather focus on how you can do your part to make this world a better place.

3/21 — Venus Enters Aries

Venus enters Aries where it will align with the Sun (consciousness), Ceres (feminine aspect of nurturing/motherhood) and Chiron (teacher and healer of trauma). Being in a sign of cardinal fire this transit brings forward progression in matters of the heart and is fueled with self-assertion. Self-assertion is the energy of Aries/The First House with the mantra ‘I am’. This orientation of focus on the self yields collective self-acceptance. Venus in Aries brings a faster pace and a longing to be loved even if that means moving us out of our comfort zone. Moving out of our comfort zone aligns with the feminine principle that is natural curiosity. Can we confidently and curiously move into new territory without the fear of being burned by the flame?

3/23 — Mercury in Pisces Square Mars in Gemini

Self-expression supports our ability to bring balance between the head and the heart. The throat chakra, our energetic purification center located at the base of the throat brings forth the power of our words and creative expression based on what we think or feel. It gives us the freedom to speak our truth but in the same breath can be the source of energetic oppression. Squares are aspects of energy exchange through activity and with this we may feel especially called to stand up for ourselves or others. Now is a good time to release energy, create something, speak where you will be received, shake out your shoulders (Gemini) and let go of any tension stored there. Do not use this energy to build a wall between your head and heart; the jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back can easily hold buildup, allow release.

3/27 — Moon in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn

Before the illumination of the full moon, we have an aspect between the moon in healing Virgo and Pluto. In terms of the planet, the dismantling of old structures through Pluto’s Capricorn transit has been filled with mystery for the future of mankind and the long coming grapple between the rise of engineering and an innate devotion to ancient natural wisdom. In times of intense change surrender comes from the knowing of the soul. When so much of the outside is in question it is a gift to be able to take a moment to go within to search for the treasure of peace that is not elusive to anyone. The healing vibration of the soul is within and Virgo/The Virgin being complete in itself yields this medicine. This return to inner-peace is essential for the reservoirs of energy needed to take action. It is essentially the feminine supporting the masculine.

3/28 — Full Moon in Libra

The Full Moon in Libra illuminates the sky at 8 degrees. Libra focuses on relationships, and after our emotional New Moon the main relationship we should be focusing on is the one with yourself (Aries). You may have realized how much you have put yourself on the back burner tending to others emotional needs, especially if you are an empath. You will no longer let things fly in your relationship (with yourself and others) as you are now in tune with your needs. If you have secluded yourself from others, you may start to realize the true value of a relationship. Sometimes we need others to bounce ideas off of and keep us grounded and secure. Now is a perfect time to think about what a perfect relationship for you would be. If you are single, you have work to do with your relationship with yourself and know that you will not betray yourself by allowing someone in your life who won’t balance you. If you are in a relationship, you can start to think of ways of improving your relationship through communication and boundaries. Allow yourself to experience the beautiful power of both giving and receiving with an open heart.

3/29 — Mercury Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

If the more primal aspects of the mind were able to have complete control it would be hard to say change would be embraced because in its’ case moving away from the familiar means risk and potential danger. Mercury/the messenger and the mind can fall into deception in Pisces when fear is the buffer. It can bring feelings of floundering between what can be real and what they believe to be real but this can also call forth higher answers to life’s questions. Sitting opposite constellation Virgo, Mercury’s ruler and native to the physical plane, Pisces is imbedded in the spiritual realm. This complements Neptune and Pisces’ nature of transcendence (movement beyond the physical). A conjunction between Mercury and a strong Neptune in Pisces can bring higher realms of thought along with ethereal assistance.

3/30 — Venus in Aries Sextile Saturn in Aquarius

Aries and Aquarius are masculine signs. Masculine energy is building and structuring energy. It is mastering the art of your inner flame to expand into your mission rooted here on Earth. The sobering nature of Saturn tells us where we are so we can have a foundation for our footing to build off of. Saturn working with Venus in fire is moving us towards what gives us the feeling of meaning in our lives. Meaning is something we feel with our heart. This sextile and new developments of energy between these planets symbolize the spark that comes from the first steps of action. Often times we have to start to feel the momentum we need to carry us forward.



We are here to help others ascend their lives through energy healing, astrological practice, and manifestation techniques.

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We are here to help others ascend their lives through energy healing, astrological practice, and manifestation techniques.