Astrology Almanac: July 2021

July 1, 2021 — Last Quarter Moon in Aries

The Moon in Aries Squares the Sun in Cancer as we faced with fire vs water, impulsive actions vs emotional sensitivity. You can allow this balance into your life and find the middle ground, or you can go to either side while neglecting the other. Matters of the home (Cancer) and the self (Aries) that need to be released will begin to appear in your reality before the Cancer New Moon on the 10th. Last Quarter Moons ask you to forgive yourself for what has gone wrong. What grudge are you holding against yourself? How does your current home life affect your decision making? What about your childhood home? Have you acted out to try to protect your emotions? If you keep ending up in the same situation again and again, it is time to realize that all the power lies within you. Listen to your intuition before making decisions, think things through. Honor yourself, listen to your body, if something feels off — it is. Trust that you can change your story (and reality) at any time. The past doesn’t need to be relived through your mind and body any longer. Choose yourself tonight.

July 6, 2021 — Mercury in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

Mercury squaring a retrograde Neptune invites you to clear up your vision. To see through the haze you will first have to adjust your gaze. Just at the tail end of Mercury’s post-shadow period, this can be a confusing aspect. Undoubtingly there will be a feeling of psychic attunement with others almost like words come across without being spoken. Do not bet everything on your preconceptions of what is going on around you now, you might just be being shown your internal processes for the sake of evaluating them later on.

Imagination can inspire thought processes or it can distort them, the affect is dependent on perspective. Your perspective will create your expectations, ideals, and even what you believe to be possible. What is ‘real’ is what you have allowed to enter your awareness. Piece by piece you put together your perception of your reality and as the observer you get to explore it. If you can make the space to journal, now is the time, perceive now, and analyze those perceptions later.

July 8, 2021 — Venus in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus

A powerful square off bringing sudden shifts in relationships, breakthroughs in communication, and new forms of artistic expression; Venus in heart-ruling Leo creates an action dynamic with freedom loving Uranus. The rebel Uranus has been reveling in the power of nature in Taurus and is not done completely shaking up our values. This jolt has the potential to rip away the kind of toxic thoughts and habits that keep up a search for freedom that a heart in its cage will never know. If this aspect cracks you open see it as your conventions being broken through. Let it shake down the parts of you posing a threat to your heart’s true freedom sought.

July 10, 2021 — New Moon in Cancer

The Sun & Moon are both in Cancer during the New Moon, with the emotional water sign of the Crab we are asked to go within. Cancer rules the home and all our emotions but the part we forget is about the home that lies within us. Regardless of physical space or what can be held between four walls we have a home that we can go to no matter where we are in the world. Our inner home can give us security no matter how out of control our outer world seems. Yet, just like our physical place, we forget to nurture, love, and appreciate our innermost home. We forget that there is still a little child inside, who may be scared, anxious, and crying for attention. Expect, despite what our childhood situation was like, this little child inside you is only crying for you. The child is crying for you to take care of him/her, to make sure nobody violates boundaries, to make sure that you can handle whatever life throws her/his way. The little child inside wants to be seen, heard, and validated. When others come into our space with their bad energy — do you defend yourself? When others trample over boundaries you have set — do you allow it? Every time you do this your child becomes afraid and acts out. That little child inside you does not want to be stifled, doesn’t want be walked over, they want to feel safe and secure. Remind this child that you are in control now, no one is going to do anything that doesn’t feel right, and the child doesn’t have to worry anymore. Once you love your little child within you will realize that nothing else can ruin that love and security between you two.

July 11, 2021 — Mercury Enters Cancer

Mercury, the planet of communication, enters water sign Cancer on July 11, 2021. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon and rules over our emotions we may begin to react to people and situations completely from our feelings. While this will allow us to feel things some things deeper and be beneficial, we must be careful not to rule out all logic in these situations. We must remember that our perception can change, and we may say and do things we don’t mean when we feel our back is against the wall. This is a perfect time for us to allow ourselves to feel into the things that have hurt us. We cannot change our past — or run from it — but feeling these emotions that harm us will allow us to release and make more room for love. When we speak love to ourselves, we feel love on the inside, and we begin to radiate it out for others. We can nurture others with our genuine words and allow others to come out of their shell — just like we have.

July 13, 2021 — Venus in Leo Conjunct Mars in Leo

Venus (divine feminine) has been following behind Mars (divine masculine) for some time now before this fated meet in Leo-courage of the heart. This aspect will be bringing forth union, creative business ventures, and heightened support for new beginnings with the additional blessing of the New Moon cycle. You have done much healing work and clearing and are having a new timeline set in. Successful re-parenting is also a theme when ‘union’ happens, we find the inner-masculine providing support and safety for the inner-feminine to be able to create and expand. When union takes place within it is also projected onto external reality and people as well as opportunities may be walking into your life that are meant to be there.

July 15, 2021 — Sun in Cancer Trine Neptune in Pisces

This is a harmonious aspect between two planets in water signs. Cancer and Pisces are as dreamy as it gets. This brings heightened sensitivity with an air of peace. Peace is brought between the Sun (ego self) and Neptune (all that is). The image for this transiting aspect would be the glistening shine on the surface of an ocean being warmed by the sun. Two powerful forces syncing in harmony, giving and reflecting the very best of each other. You have this meeting place too, where your life-force meets the depths of your emotional being and in that glistening shine you reflect things as they are. When you shine your light and allow it to be reflected out into the world you become the beauty that sustains it, you invite others to join you. This beauty transcends time and space because it is the magic that has always been available to live through you.

July 17, 2021 — First Quarter Moon in Libra The First Quarter Moon in Libra brings us the clarity and balance we have been seeking. Things may be off to a powerful start as we are being faced with the harsh conversations with others and epiphanies about ourselves that can be uncomfortable. However, with the sun and moon both in cardinal signs we can keep our head above water knowing that we can emotionally handle whatever is being thrown at us. Even though it can be hard to see, we will understand why this was happening and be able to thank the Universe for bringing us to what we asked- even if it looks absolutely nothing like what we thought. We will be able to better align ourselves with the wants and needs of our heart to move forward peacefully. We may want to lean on others we trust for support more than ever right now. We can now clearly see that we must uplevel our thoughts and remove programming to blossom into the person we need to be achieve our goals. We don’t have to rush our feelings; we can give them a place to air out. We can think things through, allow them space to be expressed and heard, and cherish ourselves for always trying the best we can. First Quarter Moons can bring on feelings of resistance but with these cardinal signs we are allowing the resistance room to breathe and then moving back into our hearts.

July 18, 2021 — Lilith Enters Gemini

What communication has been hidden? Black moon Lilith, the point of the moon’s orbit that is farthest away from Earth, represents the suppressed aspects of the feminine. Her archetype is not limited to but contains raw sexuality, nonconformity and rage from exile. She is bold and unapologetic and transiting Gemini, ready to find the truth. How often do you lie? Do you say you’re ok when you’re not? Water down your enthusiasm or down play your abilities? Subtlety not speak your truth to avoid offending another? Lilith invites you to unshun your inner-curiosity, to find what is it not being said, and why?

July 21, 2021 — Venus Enters Virgo

Virgo is extremely devoted. Their automatic synthesis of analysis is to get it right, because they care. That does not always come across especially in relationship and instead this focus is felt as criticism or judgement. Venus in Virgo is more submissive and a cooler climate than Leo’s fiery nature. Venus’ transit through the maiden’s quarters is best compared to the love language, ‘acts of service’. Doing things for others they care about is deeply gratifying for Virgo. It is how they show their love. How can you be of service to others now? Venus is debilitated in Virgo, because of her more logical nature, matters of the heart are met with a more practical approach than passion now.

July 22, 2021 — Sun Enters Leo

Leo, ruled by the Sun, is the center of creativity, vitality, and self-will. Leo is a masculine, fire sign and the only zodiac ruled by a star. This season brings emergence of the wonder of the inner-child, celebration of life, and of course, theatrics. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of passion people!! At least that’s what Leo will call it. Possibly the most creative sign in the zodiac with a talent for being living art, Leo also carries tremendous strength and bravery. With the I AM mantra ‘I WILL’ they are fearless in following what their heart is telling them and dare shine places others would be too afraid. It is their courage that allows them to lead others and bring a vibrant source of energy into any avenue they wish.

July 24, 2021 — Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon illuminates the sky in 1 degree of Aquarius. While the New Moon in Cancer was all about nurturing your inner child and loving yourself, the Full Moon in Aquarius is asking you to nurture and love the people around you. Aquarius can get a reputation of being cold, detached, and even insensitive due to them not being able to show their emotions to anyone they deem untrustworthy. But we must remember that Aquarius is the humanitarian and a fixed, air sign who rules over the 11th house of groups and friendship. Aquarians will do whatever they can to move humanity forward — but they may struggle to show their emotions in personal groups of their own. This Full Moon is asking you to release your fears and concerns about allowing others to see your emotions. If you’ve had traumatic or embarrassing events that have happened to you in your younger years, you may begin to play these scenarios whenever you are about to enter a group. This is no longer your reality and you do not have to keep these stories alive. You do not need to feel the separation between you and others any longer. Identifying your emotions during these times are so important to see where the stories are truly coming from. They are most likely old programming that doesn’t fit your life anymore. They hold no truth. It is easy to sometimes feel as though no one can ever understand where you’re coming from, what you’re going through, or how to help. You may take pride in the fact that you are able to do this on your own and do it better than most. However, allowing others in can form a genuine connection that we need as humans. Sometimes we simply cannot do it all ourselves, we cannot handle and solve all our problems. Release the fear of rejection by the group, release the secrets you’ve had to keep, allow someone to help you. Not everyone will make you feel guilty about your true feelings, they will want to offer support.

July 25, 2021 — Mercury in Cancer Opposite Pluto in Capricorn

Mercury opposing retrograde Pluto in Capricorn brings an internal push and pull of sought integration. Mercury dealing with the mind and Pluto, transformation, will have you (if you choose) and the collective mentally breaking down outdated structures. Any discomfort that arises is significant in enabling an environment where reprocessing can take place. Holding onto an expired way now will only bring feelings of discord and illusions of powerlessness. This is very ‘don’t run from your demons, learn their names’ energy. ALLOW what needs to come forth, it is your unfolding and in it are the answers to many of your questions.

July 28, 2021 — Jupiter Retrograde Enters Aquarius

Jupiter, while still in Retrograde, enters Aquarius until December 28th. Jupiter Retrogrades main themes of what is keeping us from a life of abundance and squashing limiting beliefs and roadblocks turns up as Aquarius asks us look at not only how we view and interact with humanity but how we feel around a sense of community and how this helps us get to where we are trying to go. When we rely so heavily on ourselves, the weight gets so large sometimes it’s hard to see out of the hole we are sitting in. If we’ve been hurt by others, it’s hard to be able to trust that everyone else isn’t that way. When we have isolated for so long, we can only see what we can see. There is a piece of you in every single person, every part of humanity has a shared aspect of themselves. Therefore, when we heal parts of ourselves, we also heal the collective. How you act towards others can be guidance for how they deserve to be treated or treat others in return.

July 28, 2021 — Mercury Enters Leo

As Mercury makes its way into fiery Leo you can be rest assured that you will speak with profound confidence. You may begin to feel that your opinions need to be shared with others and leave the fear behind of who you are offending. If you’ve been waiting to carry something out that gives you feelings of imposter syndrome — now is the time to push past it. What message have you been trying to let others know? If you’ve thought that you can’t tell others where you stand, you will no longer be able to keep your mouth closed. Your creativity is being lit up and you have the drive behind you to let your ideas shine. New ideas and heartfelt visions you’ve held close to you can now flow openly and freely.

July 29, 2021 — Mars Enters Virgo

The force of Mars transiting Virgo can have you getting things off your list for the sake of getting them done. The only thing that can slow this energy down is being hung up on getting it perfect. Perfection does not exist, do it anyway, pull the trigger even if it makes you cringe momentarily (says a first house Virgo Mars). Use your conscious will to serve your highest purpose. This energy can excite the nervous system so be sure to ground as well-either through taking breaks outside or having a well sought out plan for yourself with reasonable time limits. This energy channeled can bring a practical approach to anything ambitious you’re trying to achieve at this time. This is also a powerful time to take on any health and fitness goals you have been putting off.

July 31, 2021 — Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

The Last Quarter Moon enters Taurus at 7 degrees. The Moon is asking you to look at your triggers surrounding your personal value. If you strip your material items away, what brings you inner peace? What is it in life that you strive for? Do you believe that you bring something to this world that no one else can? Do other’s judgements and negative talk send you into a down world spiral? At the New Moon we nurtured our inner child, at the Full Moon we released the negativity we felt about not fitting in and keeping secrets. Now we must release the false story that our worth and value comes from others. If our parents and caregivers didn’t give us the validation we needed we may find it difficult to think that anyone else will see our worth, especially in our career. You may find yourself struggling to get what you want, or once you get it clinging onto it extremely tight. Don’t let it slip through your fingers. Don’t forget to have gratitude for exactly where you are — even if it’s not perfect. Everything is energy, and what we believe we are, or what our worth is, will draw those exact situations to you to prove that you are right.



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