Astrology Almanac: June 2021

June 2021 Ascendifi Astrology Almanac

6/1 Sun in Gemini conjunct North Node

Your focus is being honed in on your soul purpose during this time. Collectively, we are all being lit up with personal truths and clarity needed to pioneer forth in our own missions. After all, when you landed in this skin suit and came ‘online’ you had your own unique purpose and energy to bring forth. Destiny calls and nothing is a coincidence now. It is the time to get curious about your personal values, revisit your ‘why’ and consider just what is possible when you align your intention with what calls you forth. Gemini is a mutable sign unafraid to shift and adapt to change to reach understanding. This is how discovery happens. Themes coming into view now are in alignment with new intentions set to be sewn in by the Gemini New Moon/ Solar eclipse.

6/2 — Last Quarter Moon in Pisces

The Last Quarter Moon enters the sky in 14 degrees Pisces. The Last Quarter Moon is asking you to be gentle with yourself. Pisces is asking you to dive into your emotions. This will be an extreme time of healing and surrender. Pisces is an emotional water sign who may withdraw when feelings of instability and uncertainty arise. How do you deal with the emotional rollercoaster of uncertainty? Are you able to accept that you cannot control every detail? Are you face yourself with love and compassion when things aren’t living up to your expectations? When things seem out of our reach it is easy to assume the worst will happen rather than see and feel into the possibility that it is all working out for us. We must surrender to not only the how but the when. As long as we try our best, we are moving forward. Focus on the things that you are able to control and release the rest. Have faith that things are always working out for your highest good. Visualization and meditation will help higher your vibration during this time.

6/2 — Venus Enters Cancer

Venus transiting Cancer means she will be passing through the house of the Moon from now until June 27. Cancer is endowed with an inner joy that comes from having an emotional connection to being alive. This energy can be cultivated through the heart now. It is remarkable the waves of transformation emotion can bring. Just be glad to be here? Can you imagine? That’s all you had to do? Well it is. Sure, you need to discern and take action in life but you also have to be glad to be here. Gratitude is a frequency that brings you into the heart space to unwrap the warmth, joy, and sentiment from your being. On the down side this transit can bring forth possessiveness if your heart feels scarce.

Visit your heart space located in the center of your chest multiple times a day to recognize its feeling and innate knowing, take advantage of this intuitive transit. Feeling your heart can bring forth strong emotions at first or a subtle nature you may have longed for. Sometimes it is the only stillness in a world of movement. Either way, it is yours. Yours to feel, yours to give and yours to receive as you feel right. When you are in your heart it opens, and you meet people from a place of ‘I have enough and now I share with you’. This is where connection takes place, not from lack or need. That is why it is true when you vibrate with gratitude you only get more.

6/3Venus in Cancer Trine Jupiter in Pisces

Always a welcome aspect, Venus making a wink at Jupiter works to lift your heart and spirit. Especially if you have been feeling the need of a hug from the Universe while navigating the turbulence that is eclipse season. Much like how without Jupiter planet Earth could be wiped out by space debris, this aspect brings a sense of protection and generosity. As the most positive aspect of June, it is sending abundance to any matters of Venus. Whether this is expanding relationships by delivering solutions to money or love it can also be enhancing your relationship with yourself through heightened self-care.

6/5 Mars in Cancer Opposite Pluto in Capricorn

There may be feelings of inner-tension with this aspect as self-enforced action and transformation of an ‘old way’ oppose each other. This aspect will put you in a position of finding what energetic outlets work best for you. Do you need a physical release or something creative like having your own time to do whatever with it you please? Now is not the time to be hard on yourself and entertain a shame-game. Shame can be brought forth with these energies to aid in your awareness of it. You ‘are’ whatever you tell yourself you are and that does not need to be rooted in the past.

Mars is considered a personal planet while Pluto is not, what you encounter may feel larger than yourself but the power of will (Mars) you have is inside of you. The Universe will continue to remind you that you only have the power to control yourself and that power comes from within. Declare it now, you have power over your own life, you have the power of free-will. Who is driving the chariot? It’s you!

6/10 — New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse will occur at 19 degrees Gemini. New Moon’s represent new beginnings, and this will be amplified with the Solar Eclipse. Mutable, air sign Gemini is asking you to speak authenticity from your heart. You can only make true connections when you are able to be vulnerable with others and show them who you really are. This can be difficult as your mind is chattering away, telling you what you “should” be doing or saying or acting like. You may have felt that you had to be strong, you had to build walls around your heart to shield you from possible rejection and hurt. Unfortunately, those walls don’t just keep out hurt and pain, they keep out love and joy. As you peel back the programming from childhood, school, work, and the media you begin to transform into who you are simply meant to be. Your ideas, visions, hopes, and dreams deserve to be heard and shared with the world. It’s time to start questioning your beliefs. When you open your heart to new possibilities, the risk may seem more worth it. To admit your need for connection and intimacy will allow you to drop your guard and try again. You are not limited by any experience or rejection you’ve faced. You can begin to engage in conversations that are meaningful to you, that stimulate your brain (Gemini’s favorite), and have you believing that there are wonderful people out there who love you for just who you are. People don’t have a chance to love us if they can’t see and feel our heart. You deserve to be loved so deeply.

6/11 — Mars Enters Leo

Mars enters fiery, fixed Leo giving you the kick in the ass you’ve been looking for. If you’ve been playing small or feeling nervous of putting yourself out there, the shift is here. Mars in Leo is here to remind you (because we can so easily forget), you are the star of your own show. Mars is urging you to take in action and assert your right to take up space in your own unique way, regardless of others’ judgments and perceptions. Leo is the perfect sign for Mars to enter to allow others to admire you while holding the dramatics and charm to step into the light. You are ready to shine and refuse for your light to be dimmed (even if it was only being dimmed by your inner critic). Let the world see your beautiful heart. You have such an exquisite message that can only be delivered by you.

6/13 — Sun in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

The masculine energy of the Sun in Gemini which is cerebral (mind/intellect/analysis) forms a square with the feminine energy of Neptune in Pisces which is spiritual (feeling/subtle energy/intuition). This will cause events to bring your awareness to issues of both ego and spirit. Neptune is where the ego is transcended/gone past and there really is no end or limit to this energy. That can be seen as terrifying to the ego because control would then be out of grasp. It is ironic that when you choose to be in surrender you lose an aspect of human suffering but much of human suffering exists through attachment.

Answers and contentment have been found when you surrender to your true essence which happens to be what you automatically are without any effort, you are consciousness/being/awareness itself. That is you, not just the pieces of personality you picked up or made up. Those are changeable, the ‘self’ is developmental, the spirit has always been and always will be your observer, fearless and indefinable. Observe now the cosmic and human that dance within you. It is also worth warning against absorbing too much from the environment now as boundaries could be weakened which could lead to wanting to escape the self.

6/14 — Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Though this aspect is an underlining theme for 2021, we have its second impact with a retrograde Saturn. Saturn transiting the eleventh house of Aquarius is having implications on a global level but when retrograde we will also feel an internal pull. Revving up once again is a push for liberation and breaking conventions that no longer fit the timeline. External events will still result from the square but it is each of our own emerging energies in response that project our forward-oriented future. It’s no accident you are in a time with the ironic prevailing question, It is not what the collective can do for you, but what can you do for the collective? With new innovation in ways of discipline and structure comes new personal accountabilities.

6/17 — First Quarter Moon in Virgo

The Sun in Gemini squares the Moon in Virgo asking us to find a creative outlet for our wandering mind. Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and expression. We are being tested if we will keep our goals and intentions coming off of the New Moon Solar Eclipse. How can we harness this energy to let our creativity flow? Virgo can understand the most complex problems and organize them seamlessly. This works wonders when it comes to creative projects and getting things done. The dark side of Virgo is how critical they can be of themselves and others. Allow Gemini’s easy-going attitude to assist you away from your own inner critic and speak freely about the amazing work you have done. Although we may believe others will be as judgmental as we are to ourselves, most people would be amazed what we’ve figured out and come up with.

6/20 — Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

Jupiter will station retrograde until October 17, 2021. Jupiter will begin to retrograde in 2 degrees of Pisces and end in 22 degrees of Aquarius. Jupiter represents growth, expansion, good fortune, and philosophy. During Jupiter’s time in retrograde, we are asked to go inside and overcome what we have deemed in our minds is impossible. What is keeping us from living a life of abundance? Pisces will bring forward our limiting beliefs as we see them play out in situations at work/school, in our relationships, or just being out in the community.

Seeing others and feeling jealous over their life, the things they have, or simply the path they have taken is inevitable. We are all human and can sometimes question if we are doing something wrong or not doing enough to get the things we want. The easy road is to be jealous or even hateful towards the people who have the life we want. The high road is to acknowledge your feelings yet understand that are you in the same vibration as this person. Their road to success is often not shared and can look very different from the outside. Someone having something doesn’t make any less room for you to have it as well. Instead of getting caught up on assumptions you made for them, you can begin to look at your own life and make adjustments. Putting the focus back on yourself and your own path, figuring out what will work best for you, and knowing that if they did it, then so can you, will put you back into alignment with your calling.

Believing in yourself and having faith is your superpower. If you believe you will get what you want, you will find ways to get it. If you think things will never happen, you won’t find ways to make it happen instead you will find excuses. It is all within you. Just because things aren’t happening in the time you wished, doesn’t mean they aren’t coming. Trust the timeline of your life.

6/20 — Sun Enters Cancer

Cancer is a feminine, cardinal water sign. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer/the crab is highly intuitive and only possesses a hard shell to protect such a soft heart. But do not mistake this heart as guarded, it wakes everyday with its soul to bare. Symbolizing ‘The Mother’ archetype, syncing with the cycles and tides of life, and being the center of multiple spiritual beliefs, the Moon is emotion. Cancer has the ‘I am’ mantra- ‘I FEEL’ , though feeling can also bring sensitivity which must be met with compassion with the self throughout Cancer’s life. Cancer season reminds you of your nature to nurture. What makes you feel appreciated? What do you appreciate about yourself? Also, do not hold onto emotions or things you don’t need, they may be doing more harm than providing comfort.

6/22 — Mercury Direct in Gemini

Mercury goes direct in 16 degrees Gemini and begins the post shadow period until July 7th. You are now entering your reflection period for the events that have taken place during this retrograde. You may begin to look at situations that set you off with acceptance and understanding. During Mercury Retrograde in Gemini we dealt with situations that played into our limiting beliefs and the way that we interact with people in less than desirable situations. We may have had to place boundaries that hurt others and made us feel guilt. During our Post Shadow Period, we must be able to realize that we were the ones putting the guilt on ourselves in most situations. If people love and respect us, they will understand and want us to do what makes us happy. We are now able to see if we came off to harsh or let our anger take over. We may still be fighting with old beliefs and ways of life and asserting how we want to be moving forward. Nothing changes overnight and we are still learning how to navigate through. Journaling out these situations will allow us to see them from a different perspective.

6/23 — Venus opposite Pluto

Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn where more internal tension is needing resolve much like Mars opposing Pluto earlier this month. There is no denying that somewhere in everyone’s’ soul lineage, whether this lifetime or beyond, the heart experienced such a blow to the system that in that moment it was left raw, pain-stricken and fearful of ever experiencing that again in the future. That penetrating fear creates a surveillance system on a cellular level. The problem with this system is it perceives that danger is everywhere and you can imagine the paranoia and obsession that can lead to.

This is where the shadows lurk and why people do shadow work to look into the darkness and see what it is really hiding. The imprint of fear on the heart is your monster in the closet. Investigate your fears when they come up and know you are not alone in this. Fears exist collectively, through lineage, and spanning all time because they exist for survival. You can integrate that while also knowing that only when love overflows can you make an impact on anything, your life, your relationships, with people or money. What areas of your own life have had a pot of fear boil over? What areas have you had love boil over? What were the outcomes?

6/24 — Full Moon in Capricorn

The Full Moon illuminates the sky in 3 degrees Capricorn. Capricorn represents ambition and accountability. They are all about their achievements and will push through whatever obstacle is in their way to get it. How can we use the power of earth sign Capricorn to reach our full potential? The Full Moon is asking you to release whatever is standing in your way to getting what you want, and Capricorn will give you the final push. The representation of Capricorn is the Seat Goat, the upper half being a goat and the lower half being a fish. The Sea Goat is able to climb up the side of the mountain while also being able to swim across the sea. They can do it all physically with also brain hacking their mind to believing they can. Capricorn’s get whatever they want because they are able to tell themselves they will achieve it and then work until their goal is complete. Are you able to tell yourself you can achieve things but when it’s time to do the work you procrastinate or get so caught up on the little details you never start? Or are you working hard but a little voice in your head says you will never get what you want leading you to abandon ship? Getting caught up in a mindset that you don’t have enough time, energy, or resources will then have you spiraling into a scarcity mindset. From this scarcity mindset is where you can become stressed and hopeless. It’s easy to mark things as a failure in your mind and give up. Looking at your “failures” you may realize they not only brought you to the next step, but they can encourage you to find something better and more suiting for you.

6/25 — Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune will begin Retrograde in her home sign of Pisces from June 25th to December 1st. Neptune stays in retrograde for just over 5 months and although we may not feel this retrograde as strongly as others — it will still make an impact on your life. Neptune rules our dreams, subconscious, illusion/fantasy, and our spirituality. Neptune is known for seeing things through rose colored glasses. During Retrograde, we are not only asked to tap into our spiritual side but explore it. If we are dealing with people that we usually make excuses for, we may begin to tap deeply into our intuition. Our gut feeling will no longer be ignored. We can no longer look past people who are treating us way less than we deserve. The excuses we have made don’t seem to cut it anymore. This is how our self-love will start to pour in, we just had to make room for it. Our dreams will begin to bring up past events that have shaped the way we view the world. Although these dreams may not be clear cut and need some uncovering, they need to be understood and dealt with. This will be an intense time for personal healing, as we will begin to call back our power. This can lead to us having to look at what we are using to escape reality and get to the root of why we are trying to do that. Grounding ourselves and dealing with the heavy hurt we have been faced with isn’t easy, but we are ready to take action. We have all of the tools we need to make the best decisions with love and compassion.

6/27 — Venus Enters Leo

Venus will be transiting Leo until July 22. When Venus is in Leo, the house of the Sun we get to feel the heart of the lion. This fixed sign is proud in love, the most courageous in heart and when it wants something there is no telling it otherwise. Being ruled by the Sun, Leo wants to be valued for the individual they are and Venus might struggle with this by searching for admiration and recognition. Courting and being courted is Leo Venus’ mode of operation and this can bring a playful energy. Also from Leo’s fixed nature is an aspect of loyalty. Merging loyalty with courage is a powerful use of energy for you now. Courage is your ability to preserve, it is the heart blazing forward through fear, illusions of separation, and projections of guilt and shame. If you can harness the lion’s strength now and take bold action you will see the value in courage. And how it allows you to adapt to change better, try new things, and trust.



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