December 2021 Astrology Forecast

12 min readDec 5, 2021

12/1 — Neptune Direct in Pisces

Neptune is finally direct after being retrograde since June 25th. The main theme of this retrograde was being able to see how the people in your life treat you and deciding for yourself to get what we deserve. If you’ve been paying attention to your dreams and gut feelings the last 5 months, it may have been easier for you to explore the messages from your subconscious. As Neptune turns direct, you may begin to have a lot of compassion and empathy for yourself. If you’ve blamed yourself for things that other people have done to you or felt as though who you are isn’t enough, that time is over. The love you have given to others — or have tried desperately to get from others — is all within. You can give that love to yourself. You can be confident in who you are. You don’t have to seek validation from others, you only ever needed yourself to believe in YOU! This is a perfect time to find things that truly interest you and tune into what brings you joy. It is easy to want to escape and use things as a way for this to happen. Anything you are trying to escape from needs your immediate attention. If you can bring these things to light instead of blaming others and pushing them down, you can look deeper and find you’ve only been waiting for yourself all along.

12/4 — New Moon/ Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will be the final eclipse of 2021. This Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle started in May of 2020, and this is a significant time for things to end.

What door has opened for you? Sagittarius likes to explore and expand. Have you found deeper meaning and purpose in your life? Do you feel more comfortable speaking your heart and knowing what you deserve? Let’s dive deeper. Seeing people for who they are, and accepting them, without expectations, becomes easier now. Seeing yourself for who you are is easier now. Everything is neutral, we assign what is “good” or “bad”. It’s all a lens and if we can take these things about ourselves that we deem as “bad” and change them into “good” or “acceptable” or understand the reason why we did things with compassion we can change these “bad” things into our superpowers.

Endings may always seem sad or difficult. Who wants to say goodbye to anything you’ve grown attachment to? Change the lens, you can’t get what we need by staying the same. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. You stay stuck in the cycle. Sagittarius cannot be misplaced in a corner, they know that with growth comes extreme uncomfortable change, but then comes the beauty of what you’ve never seen, experienced, or felt before. The rush of feeling or seeing for the first time.

If you can have the courage to speak up, to tap into your intuition, to place importance on what you really want for yourself. Not what others want for you. Not what you want to show to other people. What really brings you purpose, value, and faith. If you can tap into that the Universe is opening the door for you. Think your truth. Feel your truth. Speak your truth.

The Solar Eclipse is only showing you the end to bring you to a beautiful new beginning. Don’t fear it. Don’t make up stories about it. Don’t count what could go wrong. If you’ve been working on something or looking for something since last May, make space right now. Let it come in. Receive. Open your mind. Explore the depths. Let yourself have what you want, you never know how beautiful it can be.

12/10 — First Quarter Moon in Pisces

The Sun in Sagittarius Squares the Moon in Pisces, following the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This could feel like extremely restless, unsatisfied energy. First Quarter Moon asks us to commit to our goals, so be prepared to feel come conflict. This is a perfect time look deep into if where you want to go and what you want to do matches up with what’s happening your internal world. There may be conflict, you are so sure you want something but whenever you do it, you feel awful and drained. You may be holding on to two different belief systems and it’s time to let one go. Checking in with yourself about how you feel mentally and how your body reacts to being around certain people or situation will tell you all you need to know. Moving past denial will lead you to where you are meant to go.

12/13 — Mars Enters Sagittarius

Mars in Sagittarius is bold, action oriented and fueled with passion. During this transit our drive will be towards expanding some area of our lives and attaining more freedom there. The house Sagittarius is in your chart can give you more information, expanding a 4th house that deals with home and childhood is going to look different than expanding a 5th house that deals with creativity and finding our joy. We have explanations of the houses on our blog.

A lot of space was already created during Mars’ time in Scorpio, closets were cleaned out, hidden compulsions were brought to the surface, and old paradigms were made available to work through. It only makes sense that we now rise from our burials and chase the horizon. What do we have to lose?

Though this energy is spontaneous and influential it also has a hard time finding the off button, and can be extremely restless. This restlessness can bring about desires to change locations, travel, and do things more for the experience itself. We very well may be feeling unstoppable over the next 6 weeks and Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter- luck will be on our side. It is amazing what optimism and confidence can do to our outlook and even the outcome of events and that is the blessing Mars in Sagittarius wishes to show us. This is great energy for starting things even if maybe not finishing them and that is why Mercury entering Capricorn can be of mutual benefit.

12/13 — Mercury Enters Capricorn

Mercury rules the way we think and perceive things,
if we can introspect it can also bring us messages and answers to many of life’s unanswered questions. While Mercury was in Sagittarius our thoughts were amplified almost fueled like a hot air balloon. It is possible we dreamt up many new great ideas and adventures we would like to take. But now — Mercury visits the house of Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler. Here Capricorn wants to teach the mind order, the benefits of having a 5-year plan and something grounded in reality.
It tells you what can go wrong with all those great dreams of yours and how the money for those vacations and trips don’t grow on trees. Saturn… you’re such a drag. But Capricorn will digress, they’re not trying to suck the wind out of our sails but make your plans actually happen. We may be thinking about things more practically and seriously and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Evolved Capricorn energy can appreciate the process, how every step taken brings you one step closer to your goal and Mars in fire will be giving us the energy needed to take those steps.

12/18 — Full Moon in Gemini

The Full Moon illuminates the sky in 27 degrees Gemini. This Moon is also known as the “Long Night Moon” as the nights are getting the longest, we approach the Winter Solstice. This moon is all about transformation. The more we clunk around in the dark, the less scary it becomes. What part of your darkness scares you? What parts of yourself do you push down and not allow yourself to see? It’s time to dive into your shadow work.

With the Sun in Sagittarius, wanting to expand your mind, go deeper into your spiritual practice, or find better ways to self soothe and deal with what is happening is a lot more prominent right now. Gemini seeks mental stimulation and new creative outlets. You can feel open enough right now to take in new information, especially about yourself.

This Full Moon will allow you to release deep-seated fears that have kept you from connecting yourself. How have others been a mirror and shown you qualities in yourself that you don’t like or wish you had? Are you able to see different sides of yourself?

Allow the power of Gemini’s communication to speak and journal your way through these feelings.

12/19 — Chiron Direct in Aries

Chiron in Aries is wounding around being seen as our true self and having a right to exist as we are. This placement can cause a need to prove oneself, over explain and overdo it, attempting to convince others and even ourselves that we are enough. This can cause someone to create a lens of seeing the world as overlooking their individuality and needing to muster aggression to get their point or needs across. Chiron has been retrograde in the sign of Aries since mid-July. Any retrograde is yin/ feminine energy, it is experienced as an internal process more so than outside events. So, this station of Chiron going direct provides opportunity to transform any wounding around being autonomous and valued as an individual. Like most things, it starts by recognizing these things from within.

Chiron energy may be especially worth exploring right now for the asteroid is located between Saturn and Uranus, the two bodies that have been responsible for 2021s push and pull between limitation and liberation. Any insecurities that have kept us from feeling we have the right to exist will become our teacher to guide us towards deeper healing and finding courage.

12/19 — Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

Venus, the planet of money and procreation turns Retrograde in business-driven Capricorn. When it comes to your relationships and your career, do you feel fulfilled and valued? Or is this a time when you need to call your energy back to yourself? Have you lost yourself in these things? Venus Retrograde will shine the light on what’s really going on. Doing the day-to-day it’s so easy to glaze over what we don’t think we have the time to deal with. This leaves you feeling unfulfilled and angry. The dark side of Capricorn is overworking and not knowing when to self-care, which can be used to escape from what’s really going on. This is a perfect time to take a step back and make evaluations on where you are, where you want to go, and the blockers that have been put in your way. How can we make sure wherever we are investing our energy is filling us?

During this Retrograde, you may find yourself getting into disagreements in your relationships that pertain to your own personal goals. You may be at a point where setting and getting to your goals are nonnegotiable. Just because someone says that they support you and your dreams, doesn’t mean they aren’t fighting their own battles of the amount of attention they are getting in the relationship. Rejection wounds for both you and others around you can be bubbling to the surface. This can be the perfect time to work through these old feelings and make a secure place to release them.

12/21 — Sun Enters Capricorn

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign. The Earth signs are physical manifestors, Capricorn lays and builds new foundations, where Fixed Earth Taurus grounds and sustains, and Mutable Earth Virgo creates order from chaos. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the Midheaven or 10th astrological house. We look to the 10th house as the world stage, expression of vocation and the public self, for this reason Capricorn tends to be very goal oriented and identifies strongly with career and accomplishment. This focus along with being such a grounded and dependable leader can come with great responsibility.

Saturn brings a chill of seriousness and its life themes centered around authority and tough lessons can often result in its natives maturing at a very young age. The gift here is the wisdom it embarks and an ability to age in reverse. Capricorns usually experience great success and release from their shackles later in life.

Capricorn season will be giving us all a taste of the drive of the sea goat. To take responsibility for what is and build something better for ourselves. We can learn from them too to try not to take things too seriously, create dynamics where we bare too much responsibility we lose sight of joy, or let limitations of the past create future barriers.

12/21 — Ceres Retrograde Enters Taurus

Ceres returns to Taurus as the North Node also makes its way into this fixed feminine sign bringing up themes around securing resources. Taurus has a strong need, not want, need for stability and sustainability.
Taurus may very well be the energy that keeps us down here on planet Earth, being our experience with our 5 senses, there is no bypassing the validity of our creature comforts. For Taurus things have to be ‘real’ and physically manifested- much like many of the themes in the second house known as the ‘material house’. What materials are our resources, the sources of a sustainable physical experience free of suffering- food, shelter, fuzzy socks, and things that smell nice. Ceres is the mother, the nurturing principle and retrograde we have an internal conversation with our inner child about feeling nurtured and what we form attachment to. While Ceres was retrograde in Gemini we went into our minds, how do we talk to ourselves? Do we think the way we care for ourselves, and others is sensible, are there other ways we can use our minds to supplement the nurturing principle of life? Now in the sign of Taurus we focus on if we physically are giving ourselves what we need. Do we surround ourselves with the proper resources that bring wellness and growth. During this retrograde we will learn what we need to cultivate in our lives and what we can live without so that when the Earth Mother moves forward again, she can finally rest on new fertile foundation.

12/24 — Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Long behold the third and final square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. We had this aspect February 14, June 14, and now December 24. This has been the underlining theme of 2021- I remember looking at it at the end of 2020 and thinking well my life is about to change and I sure wasn’t wrong. Unconceivable changes have happened. What has been in place (Saturn) is being challenged by what could be revolutionized (Uranus). This aspect is beyond our control and the inner tension it creates has put us in life-altering positions and really made us confront what is not working and what we can do under pressure. That decision point in the face of change is coming to a head once again.
These contractions of bouts of limitation and boundless freedom have created an atmosphere of choice but both planets in fixed signs these choices made us move through our deepest fears so do we stay on the side of tradition even if that comes with limitation and control or reform even if that comes with rebellion and risk.

12/27 — Last Quarter Moon in Libra

The Last Quarter Moon enters cardinal, air sign Libra. After the power of the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius and the release of the Full Moon in Gemini, we are ready to breath. Libra symbolizes balance and after all that action, we need to weigh out all that has happened. Last Quarter Moon’s ask for our forgiveness. Cardinal energy asks for us to recenter ourselves. Tonight, everything we do is to come back home to ourselves. Doing any activity that allows you to express yourself and feel good without stress or too much thought would be perfect tonight. If you’ve been working too much or doing too much for others, this is the perfect time to take a step back. Meditate. Do yoga or breathwork. Workout. Take a bubble bath. Write in your journal. Write out what you’re grateful for. Decorate or organize a room in your house. Cuddle with your pet. Whatever it is, bring joy and harmony into your heart.

12/28 — Jupiter Enters Pisces

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, luck, and abundance enters mutable, water sign Pisces. Pisces loves to dream and use their imagination. This energy is all about sharpening your intuition and expanding your depth on your spiritual practices. You may find yourself being able to manifest and feel things on a much deeper level. This is a perfect time to come together with others to make magic. Anything that you give you can get back tenfold. It will be easier to go with the flow rather than sticking to a rigid plan. We can feel into things without knowing all the facts and make decisions easily. This carefree attitude matched with your love for others will allow what you need to make its way into your life. This is a perfect time to go all out on any passion project you’ve had in mind. The world needs more teachers who can help others on their own path. If it’s on a larger scale or helping just one person, letting your intuition guide the conversation can really change someone. Simply just hearing about someone’s experience and how they handled a situation can greatly impact someone’s view on what is possible.

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