The 6 Axes in Astrology

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There is a distinctive relationship between the two astrological signs located across from each other on the zodiac wheel. Since there are 12 zodiac signs, represented by the 12 zodiac houses, there are 6 axes on the astrology wheel. These axes each provide a great deal of information for they function as mirrors of each other. For example, if you have a full moon (emotional body) illuminating your second house of personal value you can gain a deeper awareness by considering the sun (vitality/outward expression) will be then transiting through the eighth house of value in relation to another.

Each axis will contain two signs opposite of each other containing the same charge either positive for masculine principles or negative for feminine principles. This sequence alternates masculine to feminine around the zodiac wheel. Oppositions in astrology are aspects that occur between two celestial bodies or points located within an axis that symbolize a unique ‘push and pull’ for the individual. Oppositions are considered ‘harsh’ aspects (more dynamic and growth promoting that anything else) much like the square but unlike the square, the zodiac signs of the planets involved are of the same principle (either masculine or feminine). In a square you have two different principles at play and for that reason they can be more frustrating in nature.

Aries/Libra- masculine axis

Independence in relation to the world outside of self. Founding principle, commitment. How do I determine myself by establishing an identity and how do I commit to another person by allowing my identity to merge with another. Awareness regarding this axis includes a disordered sense of self being projected onto relationships or not utilizing compromise.

Taurus/Scorpio- feminine axis

Stabilization and comfort of ‘met needs’ providing a sense of security. Founding principle, one’s ideology of value and safety. Awareness regarding this axis involves acceptance of changing seasons of life, and the death and destruction that promotes new growth. Allowing new growth without the fear of death and destruction.

Gemini/Sagittarius- masculine axis

Experiencing through the mind and expanding through the mind. Founding principle, ‘the principle’ and our unique perception through which we see our world so we can interact with it. Is perception solely done through the lens of experience and judgement of that experience or is there a range of morality and discernment promoting variability in outcomes? Awareness regarding this axis is where we can see fragmentation of the mind.

Cancer/Capricorn- feminine axis

Providing from within an emotional and physical entity. Founding principle, the inner parental guide. Mothering through self-love and soothing, fathering through self-discipline and structure. Awareness regarding this axis is spending time between the inner-world and the outer-world and seeking the balance between head and heart.

Leo/Aquarius- masculine axis

Expression for uniqueness verses expression for connection. Founding principle, power of the individual. The individual in relation to creative conception unlimited by another and the valued individual in reference to a group. Awareness regarding this axis is the individuals place in the collective and the collectives place in the individual.

Virgo/Pisces- feminine axis

Divergence between consciousness and unconsciousness, the physical being and the nonphysical being. Founding principle, perceived boundary. The ability to analyze what is tangible and real to existence but also perceive the great beyond that cannot be measured. Awareness regarding this axis is the human desire to control an environment when unseen forces only allow so much permeability if an environment is only perceived as finite.



We are here to help others ascend their lives through energy healing, astrological practice, and manifestation techniques.

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We are here to help others ascend their lives through energy healing, astrological practice, and manifestation techniques.