What is the Heart Chakra?

6 min readMay 13, 2021

What is a chakra?

Chakras are focal points of our energetic body that vibrate at specific frequencies and are constantly in flux bringing in and putting out energy into our auric field. For this reason they are referred to as vortexes of energy.

We are familiar with the fact we have a physical body but as energetic beings we go far beyond which can only be experienced with the 5 senses, experiencing emotional range is proof of this. The state of our chakras are a window into the emotional body and the link between emotional and physical wellbeing.

The energy involvement of the seven primary chakras can be visualized as a tree that runs vertically along the spine. Starting below at the dark, deep roots and growing upward to the area of the heart where branches begin to spread outward growing up into the heavens above the crown of the head.

The observation, healing and opening of the chakras are part of what is called, Tantric practice. Tantric practices in the most general sense are ways of opening to spiritual self-healing. They are theories based around attaining physical and spiritual awareness with an aim towards enlightenment. They involve esoteric practice (practice not understood by all) and sacred ritual (valued uniquely by the person participating in it).

Anahata: The Heart Chakra

The naming of the chakra system is Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language which migrated to different parts of the world finding itself across several different ancient teachings including Hinduism and Buddhism. Every chakra has a respectable Sanskrit name and symbol associated with it. It also has a color and sound frequency it vibrates at and other unique qualities that are not defined to limit the complexity of the energy. Anahata translates to ‘unstruck’ in Sanskrit.

Location: Center of the chest

Element: Air

Seed-Mantra: YAM

(Seed Mantras also known as Bija (seed in Sanskrit) Mantras are one syllable phrases chanted to cleanse the specific energetic point for healing.)

Mudra: Left hand- Index finger and thumb touching palm up resting on knee, Right hand- Index finger and thumb touching resting on the heart palm down

(Mudra in Sanskrit means ‘gesture’, they are specific hand positions that bring intentional energy to a particular energy vortex/chakra during meditation.)

Endocrine Gland: Thymus

Each of the chakras interact with a gland from the endocrine system, this is the communication with the physical body. Messages are passed through hormones secreted by the glands and communication with the nervous system.

Sacred Symbol: Green 12 Pedal Lotus with two intersecting triangles

Green is the color of abundance, healing and growth. Pink is also commonly associated with higher expression of this energy center. The two intersecting triangles (hexagram) represent the merging of separate energies, whether it is the lower and higher chakras or masculine and feminine energy. The 12 pedals symbolize the 12 qualities of the heart in tantra.

At the location of the fourth chakra/ the heart all 6 of the other major chakras merge. It is the center localizing harmony and wholeness. It is in the name of wholeness we rise to the quality of acceptance. This chakra is deeply involved with union but not only with another but with the most important relationship you have-the relationship with yourself. As the home of self-love we are called to accept all of the parts that make us who we are. This softens us so we can also soften our approach towards others ultimately gaining two gifts from the heart, forgiveness and grace. The courage to forgive and see the self in another is the pinnacle of this energy. Emotional in nature like the sacral chakra, this energy can be seen as a higher expression from bonding into the notion of relatability. Here we can access empathy and grow through emotional intelligence. Healing the blockages of this chakra enable us to return to a place before pain where we are unashamed of our vulnerability as human beings. Here old ancestry patterns are broken free.

The heart chakra is the life’s journey through connection with those we share resources with (the planet). The purpose of this center is growth. Growth is enabled through seeing ourselves through the mirror of another and converging energy with them to formulate new uncharted energy.

This is also expansive in terms of healing. Much of our pain comes from interactions with others in our lives and it is also through interaction with another these wounds can be healed. The light of another onto our own shadow is a sure medicine but like most inhibitions this is easier said than done. The heart is fragile, known to the holder that when it stops our physical life does as well. This makes us hypervigilant in its protection. The obvious way to protect such a precious part would be keeping it safe and protected by a wall. The less we trust, the thicker the wall. If we see our heart our dearest possession as having been wrongfully betrayed we can take on a character of possessiveness to regain a sense of control.

The courage needed to break down this wall can be found in an emerging desire to feel peace and a willingness to experience gratitude. The heart center is where we are able to recharge so we can process the emotional experiences of life and be open to new ones. An open heart attracts abundance effortlessly; this is because the more open a heart, the closer it is to vibrating at the healing frequency of love. 528Hz is the sound frequency of the heart chakra and it is found characteristically through nature from our very own DNA to water in a nearby stream. It is the evidence to our connection to all that is. This fundamental oneness is brought on by the heart chakra and influences our connection not only to humans but animals and nature.

It is from this energetically charged resonance of oneness that we are able to expand our consciousness upwards to living an enriched, vital, and intimate life. This is our ‘life force energy’ in movement and it has a multitude of names through different ancient dogmas. Some examples are, but not limited to, prana, chi, bio-energy, source energy, ki, and spiritual energy.

The air element is the sacred breath of life. It represents the heart chakra in the sense that like air, life without love is unsustainable, it would be all out war and destruction. The air element drifts between the heavens and earth like the merging of spirit and matter at the heart. It is uninhibited in movement like that of unconditional love. The lungs fill with air sending life energy to the rest of the body as an open heart heals others through its inhabitance of love. Many people speak of how when they healed themselves they noticed the people around them positively change. Air breeds creation as Anahata breeds growth for humanity.

When this chakra is blocked we are lonely-a feeling of deprivation and in a dance with the demon of scarcity. We become withdrawn from walling off the heart and being in isolation with any residual sorrow and distain. When we are on an island with that kind of discordance feelings of separation, rejection, and distrust foster. Manipulation becomes a way to maintain relationship. Potentially safe but alone in the heart our needs are not expressed, our wisdom not shared, dreams mere fantasy, and ideas only echoed back by the mind. Thrown off by emotion we plead the mind to take the wheel, find the solution, and find the external cork to plug this hole all the while abandoning our own unfolding, promise, and path home to connection. Abandoning the hearts’ desire for love we are either made a victim believing we deserve things over others and if I can’t have it then neither should they or a martyr inappropriately sacrificing the personal needs for those of another. Both eaten and spit out by the waves of jealousy, bitterness, and greed because pain cannot live in the heart, it wants to claw its way out.

A completely open Anahata allows you to just be. You sense the abundance of love and have an ability to give your love freely but also are receptive of loving energy coming in. You can feel the gift others bring and the peace in the simplest moments; you allow both of these things to fill your heart like a royal chalice. You operate from a place of love and not fear and love without conditions or expectation. The strength inherent from the power chakra below gives you the strength to follow you heart. You trust your hearts desires and have the fight to heal and love again after heartbreak. You possess emotional intelligence that enables you to feel into untended roots and grief. You approach life with compassion for yourself and others and avoid partaking in psychic attacks through judgment and resentment. You feel your connection to all energy here and frequently have connection to energies outside of human form like animals, plants or spirit bodies.




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