What is the Throat Chakra?

7 min readMay 23, 2021


Chakras are focal points of our energetic body that vibrate at specific frequencies and are constantly in flux bringing in and putting out energy into our auric field. For this reason, they are referred to as vortexes of energy.

We are familiar with the fact we have a physical body but as energetic beings we go far beyond which can only be experienced with the 5 senses, experiencing emotional range is proof of this. The state of our chakras are a window into the emotional body and the link between emotional and physical wellbeing.

The energy involvement of the seven primary chakras can be visualized as a tree that runs vertically along the spine. Starting below at the dark, deep roots and growing upward to the area of the heart where branches begin to spread outward growing up into the heavens above the crown of the head.

The observation, healing and opening of the chakras are part of what is called, Tantric practice. Tantric practices in the most general sense are ways of opening to spiritual self-healing. They are theories based around attaining physical and spiritual awareness with an aim towards enlightenment. They involve esoteric practice (practice not understood by all) and sacred ritual (valued uniquely by the person participating in it).

Vishuddha: The Throat Chakra

The naming of the chakra system is Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language which migrated to different parts of the world finding itself across several different ancient teachings including Hinduism and Buddhism. Every chakra has a respectable Sanskrit name and symbol associated with it. It also has a color and sound frequency it vibrates at and other unique qualities that are not defined to limit the complexity of the energy. Vishuddha translates to ‘purification’ in Sanskrit.

Location: Throat, Cervical Plexus

Element: Ether

Seed-Mantra: HAM

(Seed Mantras also known as Bija (seed in Sanskrit) Mantras are one syllable phrases chanted to cleanse the specific energetic point for healing.)

Mudra: Interlace fingers palms together with the right index finger above the left index finger, put thumbs together pointing upward.

(Mudra in Sanskrit means ‘gesture’, they are specific hand positions that bring intentional energy to a particular energy vortex/chakra during meditation.)

Endocrine Gland: Thyroid

Each of the chakras interact with a gland from the endocrine system, this is the communication with the physical body. Messages are passed through hormones secreted by the glands and communication with the nervous system.

Sacred Symbol: Sky blue 16 pedal lotus inscribed with an inverted triangle within a circle. The color sky blue and circle with inverted triangle symbolize the governing element of Ether while the 16 pedals signify mantras and music notes unique to Hindu tradition.

The fifth chakra is the first spiritual chakra/ higher energy center. It functions as an expressway between the head and heart with the interchange being our unique expression through communication and creative flux with the Universe (manifestation). All chakras will be expressed here. This chakra values ‘truth’ above all else, it is more detached in the sense of providing us with an introduction to faith and quality of respect. Operating as a filter, guilt and toxicity is filtered out so we can reach higher realms of consciousness. Vishuddha resonates with sound and vibration and the power of both speaking and listening. Known as the purification center it is here that human beings can rise above their differences, release judgement and honor the necessity of difference in the collective (group).

Understanding this chakra rests heavily on comprehending the nature of its element, ether. Ether is the first of the five elements (earth, water, air, fire, ether) and by nature it is the nonphysical aspect of life which is just as vital to our existence. It is much more complex than the definition of ether being ‘space’ but for learning purposes this allows understanding; Also, in this respect it is a nonphysical dimension. The term ‘subtle’ energy is often used to describe the nuance of ether and it is the focus for alternative medicine healing. Subtle energy is the flowing of emotional, mental, and spiritual energy we experience every second of everyday. Ether translates to ‘Akasha’ in Sanskrit. You may have heard reference to the Akashic records, a realm of consciousness where all wisdom and experience are present. This ‘realm’ is the etheric realm. This is also what can be experienced and referenced to when we speak of the ‘void’ for it is boundless. Being the first spiritual center, it is the ethers that make up the individual while also being the element making up all individuals.

Authenticity & Discernment

Authenticity is based on honoring and living true to who you are. It requires a certain level of surrender and deep presence with the self. This is the tough part, you will not be authentic and be at the constant beck and call of others, you will not do it all, and you will not be it all, but you will be ‘you’. There is a willful choice here-to possibly be misunderstood, judged, and vulnerable for the sake of being true.

It is our responsibility to have value in the parts of ourselves that don’t fit an external condition or reason. Do you opt in more to cultural values and place them above your own? Have you worked with developing your own set of values? By living authentically, we come into union with our higher selves. Being authentic allows you to have your own life, this provides the regenerative nature of this chakra and an experience of true freedom. Living authentically, you come into a new life where new possibilities exist, allowing new pathways between the head and heart while clearing the guilt and sorrow of past mistakes. You should be valued for the individual you are and when you value this you are able to filter out the opinions and people that do not align and even threaten your expression.

Lies plant seeds of disharmony in the body, when we think of lying, we often think of wrongdoings and betrayal done to another often holding ourselves above this standard. Part of this work is looking into how honest you really are with yourself and others. Avoidance brings about an etheric energy that produces more of what is being avoided. It can give an unauthentic vibration to a person who is very much an individual, mostly because people pleasing is a learned behavior. If you withhold how you feel for the sake of never making possible waves with another you are not being honest, and you could even be participating in self-betrayal. This isn’t to say use your tongue as a weapon and hurt people’s feelings, this end of the spectrum leads to throat imbalance. This is how the virtue of discernment is crucial in this energy center being balanced and open. Being able to discern the appropriate measures of speaking up is vital and comes with valuing communication and operating with grace.


All choices we make come through the throat chakra. We use our throat, ears, and subtle nature to communicate with others. This is how we express our authenticity, needs, ideas, defend ourselves, and feel a sense of connection with other people. Communication functions as a delivery network of energy between individuals. Ideally what we communicate is from the heart, but communication has been found to be one of the biggest pitfalls in relationships alike and this stems from fear and lack of trust. At this energy center we see how much we are able to trust ourselves and others. Do we withhold information, avoid confrontation, or automatically jump to conclusions? Do we find our speech restricted like the common fear of public speaking or liberating like our words yield a mighty sword? However, we feel about communicating will come through to another even if it is subtle.

Just as important as our ability to speak is our ability to listen. If we do not honor our own truth, we struggle to really honor that of another inhibiting a necessary human connection.

Much like the third chakra/solar plexus a significant part of the nervous system lives in the back of the neck known as the cervical plexus. This yields a great deal of power to this energy center and why it is one of the most common centers for blockage.

The creative power of this chakra is bringing our thoughts into reality. Sometimes we struggle to speak up for ourselves, honor ourselves and stand against what just doesn’t feel right. Most of the time this comes from our development. If we had a guardian that didn’t allow us to feel heard or their feelings ranked supreme, we need to have some grace with ourselves about how that role may have played into our ability to express ourselves.

If you have experienced these things in the past it is possible what seems like new experiences and new people bring about an old familiar pain. Dealing with the expression of inner-power, I would go as far to say the throat chakra will make reality what the solar plexus holds to be true. From ‘space’ anything can take form making this the essence of manifestation. It is because of this when we fill the mind with kind thoughts and heart with love, we have miracles enter our lives.


When this chakra experiences a blockage, we experience a slow deterioration of our life force. We have a displaced need to feel understood and can feel oppressed even to the point of physical sensation in the throat or weight on the neck. You can struggle to get words out or feel as if you are constantly saying something you shouldn’t have. You can display vulgarity, fakeness, experience chronic stress, feel stuck in a void and become plagued with guilt. Also, you may be overwhelmed taking on too much from avoiding saying no, delegating tasks, or asking for help. This is unnecessary sacrifice. An invalid identity of powerlessness from the lower chakras can cause blockages as a result from restrictive thoughts from the mind and hopelessness from the heart.


When the throat chakra is open, we feel alive. We work towards mastering our life purpose and authenticity through our communication and creative expression of ideas. You are unafraid to stand out or be perceived as weird. Your truth is enough for you. You have higher discrimination for what does not serve your highest good and exercise discernment and can flow creatively by filtering out toxicity. You are willing to research different aspects of truth. All communication flows easily, words do not require too much thought and you know when it is appropriate to speak up. You take responsibility in expressing what your needs are.




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